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Adidas 2016, the first shot has been fired, but the German giant is able laughs last year’s still worth watching. Anyway, PureControl such products, for anyone who wants to own a higher level of brand product line, are undoubtedly a huge leap forward. Aftertaste: Release Gloro 15.1 Adidas soccer shoes black / yellow color: the good old days, the glory of reproduction. With unparalleled classic style and a little immortal Heat, Adidas Gloro and immediate concern with the black and yellow color again. Look with a rubber band fixed valgus tongue, this version 15.1 Gloro does have a lot of memorable and unforgettable place. This feet shoes full of traditional flavor, but also combines the latest scientific and technological development of soccer shoes. Tongue and outsole and three black bars at the upper broke a yellow, distinctive style of this pair of soccer shoes for career confident player. This is on the pitch feet shoes brings high-grade leather material, but also has quality minimalist. It forefoot is made of high-grade kangaroo leather, synthetic leather material and then half of it brings better stability. Cool! This undoubtedly is a pair of good quality soccer shoes.

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Ace soccer shoes have ushered in a whole new generation of products, and “chaos” maker X soccer shoes are still waiting, but waiting can still create confusion, this year has released two color. If the most recent time series Ace busy upgrading, then the X series has been preparing for the big day in the summer of the European Cup. Battle Milan – Adidas released 2016 Champions League knockout stage of the official match ball: 2016 Champions League flames will be rekindled again on February 17 morning, Adidas launched the Champions League knockout stage of the official match ball “Battle of Milan (Finale Milano) “sixteen teams will be May 28 to stand on Giuseppe Meazza Stadium (San Siro) go all out for the final battle. Spherical hot glue to ensure all-weather soccer sphere can ensure excellent water resistance, the particle surface of a sphere can effectively enhance the players on the ball control. Adidas football battle with Milan this season, adidas Finale 15 football design the same strain, and continued the tradition of the world-famous Champions League’s “Star panel (planet surface)” design. Champions League final this season by the host city of Milan inspired Adidas battle Milan football designs borrows some elements from this landmark Italian metropolis, such as the world-famous La Scala and has a legendary San Siro stadium .

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Needless to say these shoes fit, performance and comfort are not also feel peer generation. It can become in the past decade, the most watched soccer shoe styles, it should be said that there is some truth, let alone for such a crazy design, its performance is not said to be perfect, it is also regarded as commendable. As for the next decade is not no football shoe laces will be popular, we dare not speak, but just from PureControl itself, does have the strength to become one of the best in 2016 and even in the history of football shoes. Adidas also through the introduction of feet shoes that brought us a long time are not seen from them the spirit of innovation, before long, they seem to be copied in the left-old rival Nike. The concept is not without laces Adidas original, but achieved without laces method Adidas indeed unique. If you had still not been revolutionary Adidas soccer shoes for the past, then they all bet on the launch of this crazy product, should make you realize that in the future not to change the world of soccer shoes that may occur turned upside down . Adidas 2016, the first shot has been fired, but the German giant is able laughs last year’s still worth watching. Anyway, PureControl such products, for anyone who wants to own a higher level of brand product line, are undoubtedly a huge leap forward.

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If you buy the shoes and the size of your feet just right, then you can put it on and instantly feel very fine fit without the need for further adaptation. Of course, the beginning of the heel may feel a bit strange, but it uses the material does provide a good filling effect. The material feels a bit like synthetic suede, lined with the same material also appears in the toe area. Extended collar help soccer shoes without laces better lock the ankle. Another layer lining the inside of the shoe, which has been connected to the pull ring at the red, and can be tightly wrapped around the middle of the foot. This is more hard shoes feet on both sides, but not because of a few uses it becomes softened. This design seems to comfort some minus points, but its role is to ensure the stability of the foot, particularly when it is turned to stop, prevent Wei feet. Ace16 + PureControl shoes front and Primekit 2.0 is exactly the same. Primeknit its use of materials and tailoring, and are similar to previous models, while the uppers after a few wearing can indeed become more softer. But ordinary soccer shoes can bring a different sense of relaxation by tightening the shoe uppers extend lead after canceling Adidas know they need to make this shoe to maintain a certain rigidity to prevent the destruction of the whole shoe uppers extend the fit.

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Adidas held in New York ACE 16+ Purecontrol exhibition: moved to New York from Los Angeles, Adidas Brooklyn Navy Yard this week held a grand ACE 16+ Purecontrol exhibition. Adidas last week after pushing products exhibition held in Los Angeles, held in New York this week for the youth target group ACE 16+ Purecontrol show promotional activities, the most important project is the 5-a-side football tournament, the winner will have opportunity to Watch the Champions League final this year. The event is designed to deliver Adidas football philosophy to New York City, a huge background pattern covered stadium, ACE16 + Purecontrol occupy the position of the protagonist, continues to expand their own influence spread from the active site to the city for each neighborhood and the stadium. Florencia Galarza live performances is the climax of the scene, unmatched football feast. As the king of football culture, Adidas again their ideas successfully delivered to a city, after the hustle and bustle recall the past, only the glorious green printed in mind. Finally at hand, and now the dream of every fan of shoes without laces at hand! In the experience of all aspects of this feet shoes, let’s take a look at Adidas Ace16 + Purecontrol in the end is truly dominate the pack, or just dominate a small shoebox it was square inch of it?

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Adidas Gloro 15.1 soccer shoes had been in the earlier version 16.1 upgrade section of an alternative, but we did not see him at 16.1 striking that a large tongue, as a symbol of the old former member of the falcon, 15.1 the tongue by many users of all ages. Adidas also the sword easy road, so updating a blue and white color for this older generation products. Recent rapid development of Adidas footwear field is obvious to everyone, but at the same time not forgetting to retain traditional elements of the development is a wise choice. As long as a day when football is round, the players will not refuse a high quality genuine leather soccer shoes. Coquettish Unlimited: Adidas football shoes X 15.1 release new color: rosy color to scale the peak, Adidas launched this month for their prominent among soccer shoes using pink, lightning launched a new adidas X15.1 ” shock pink / solar green / black “this eye-catching color.The world’s best “shock pink” color, then with “Solar green” color details, bring more energy, this latest adidas X15.1 color can be said that the trend to the extreme, but also pocketed the eye.After the “Black / Pink Shock / Solar Gold”, the latest color can be described as no secret of his full attack.

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In fact, these shoes laces through the tongue constantly cross, and the design of its tongue construction in recent years, it is likely that one of the most underrated Adidas contribution. The inner layer in the upper mid-foot feet shoes which, in fact, there is a layer of material Primeknit “sock”, and tongue, and this “sock” structure is connected to the overall effect constituted so that the whole can feel feet shoes foot wrap unit. Once the upper begins to soften, the entire pair of shoes on the show a personalized fit and supple feel, that feeling and its perfect touch is very fit. As for the help in the collar, it can almost be ignored. The collar material used than the Nike high-top shoes collar much thinner, so you can not even feel it’s there. Since this is the first time such an Adidas shoe collar design, so we’d be interested to know this adidas direction of development in this area. As for features, collar and other parts Primeknit very natural convergence, we will not have too obtrusive or in the body after the design is completed mechanically joined collar feel.Outsole this pair of shoes is made between hard and resilient balance, so it does not affect the wearing comfort, but also provides better responsiveness.

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If pink is not accepted by all, then, the other two color effect is quite good. Adidas Women did not forget the girls, as they launched a special women’s exclusive color. Whether Ace16.1 Primeknit or X15.1, their exclusive color Women are beautiful enough to be soccer players jealous.
It should be said, the introduction of so many products in just three months, Adidas in 2016 start to be explosive. So, which one pair is your food? Adidas launched SPEZIAL 2016 spring and summer series of products: the best partner watching weekend, adidas SPEZIAL Release 2016 spring and summer series, let’s have a look at what.A football captures the spirit of modern design, a lot of inspiration from the past, Adidas classic design, whether it is very suitable for wearing off the court. Clothing sections can be installed in the storage box, the box itself is very nice, of course, every product for the health services. Like Lytham Tracksuit is very suitable to eat French food, Chilcott Smock very suitable for holiday wear.A total of eleven product also includes Harwood Anorak waterproof jacket and looks very luxurious Beckenbauer tracksuit jacket. Fashion sneakers another aspect of innovation, six classic style re-adjustment, re-vamp design combines classic and modern style.

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Technically, the new soccer shoes Adidas X15.1 Etch Pack introduces a new element. Interestingly, when this Adidas soccer shoes based on synthetic version X15.1 appearance, but will be changed to synthetic upper upscale soft kangaroo leather. X-Cage and the ordinary version of the same, but also for the Techfit collar material. The limited edition retail price X15.1 Etch Pack football shoes slightly higher than the ordinary version, and has been listed on March 14, 2016. Adidas Ace Primeknit DarkSpace Version spy: Adidas Ace16.1 Primeknit DarkSpace for the second-generation version of the Adidas football shoe print pass control system into an astonishing secret appearance, the shoes will be in August 2016 debut. But this all black Ace16.1 Primeknit probably will not appear at the foot of the Adidas big endorsement star. This pair Ace16.1 Primeknit DarkSpace version with a black shoe, it is more suitable for those players who want to try the test shoes. And the kind of shoes all black look different, this pair DearkSpace version in tongue and heel solar yellow decorative elements. Of course, if you really want a “black” look, do it yourself is also not difficult. From a technical point of view, Ace16.1 Primeknit DarkSpace version and a commercial version of soccer shoes in fact, exactly the same, not only Techfit collar, more knitting vamps, NSG technology, and lightweight outsole.

We say that in the past had Ace15.1 evaluation of front and rear legs feel inconsistent, mainly due to the heel of the material is too bloated. And Ace16.1 in this regard has been improved, consistent, feel very smooth. Adidas are pleased to correct this “only” flaw Ace15.1 on. Despite the overall good performance, but there are two things seem so difficult to say among the highest in the industry. Adidas claimed that NSG (uninterrupted grip) can help the ball in the wet weather, because the upper projection can provide better traction. This feature, as the NSG on other models, like, seems too far-fetched. These small bumps can hardly play a real role, if Adidas insisted on retaining NSG function, we hope to make this feature can be melted down. Another point is Ace16.1 abandoned outsole design Ace15.1 of. Of course, Sprintframe outsole is quite good, but we still miss Ace15.1 of FG / AG outsole.From the size to say, Ace16.1 unbiased yards, and for a variety of foot. As I mentioned earlier, perhaps at the toe a little loose, but this can be solved by tie shoelaces.We are always for one pair of soccer shoes made significant progress pleased on the right path. Ace newest apparently still suitable for pass control of people, upper material improvements, Adidas soccer shoes revolution and the birth of another popular product.